Intel® Connected Logistics Platform

Intelligence that puts your data to work

Intel® Connected Logistics Platform (Intel® CLP)
Solution Brief

Improve the tracking of pallets and packages during transport or at rest in a warehouse. Intel’s freight management solutions enable cost-effective monitoring of shipments, providing feedback when their location or condition changes unexpectedly. These industrial solutions unlock operational efficiency while providing actionable real-time insights.

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Service providers in the logistics and transportation industry can improve their margins by using Intel’s freight management solutions to boost efficiency and reduce cost. Intel is introducing the Intel Connected Logistics Platform to help automate shipment tracking and increase shipment visibility (e.g., location, temperature, humidity, mishandling) of goods as they move through the supply chain to their final destination.

The savings can be substantial, such as detecting product damage early and rerouting the product to avert the cost of a complete round-trip journey. End users can benefit from getting a jumpstart on implementing a recovery plan. Furthermore, end users can gain a better understanding of the conditions that cause damage, making it possible to mitigate future damage and avoid costly claims.

Freight Management Architecture

Lead your industry with architecture that delivers a scalable, secure, cost-effective, and intelligent solution that is built to monitor freight every step of the way. 

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Use Case Examples

Sensitive Capital Equipment

Leverage IoT-enabled technology to manage sensitive capital equipment with greater efficiency and cost savings.

High-Value Goods

Empowered by data, Intel solutions help manage high-value goods by leveraging geo-fencing, tamper notification, and light sensitivity.

Trailer/Container Tracking

Understand the location of items throughout their entire journey with GPS location tracking that monitors critical data.

Cloud Compatibility

Put your data to work with secure intelligence from device to cloud. Intel Connected Logistics Platform is compatible with cloud leaders, including Google Cloud Platform* and Microsoft Azure*.

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Available Solutions and Partnerships

Honeywell—Smarter Shipping and Logistics

Leverage insights on the status of assets throughout the entire supply chain journey. The result is intelligent real-time decisions that minimize loss and spoilage of freight, maximize asset utilization, and optimize end-to-end supply chain operations.

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PA Consulting—Generating In-Depth Understanding

Understand IoT- and cloud-based architectures on a deeper level by generating actionable insights in real time to lead and compete with greater impact in the future.

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Capgemini—Handling Business Shifts with Greater Intelligence

Business digitalization shifts are changing business models and relationships among consumers, businesses, suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers. Evolve technology to support new business models and make things easier, smarter, and more connected.

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