Introducing: 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-Series Processors



11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-Series processors bring powerful performance to your laptop for desktop-caliber gameplay, creation, and mobile workstation productivity. These processors offer the pinnacle of mobile performance, together with advanced overclocking and tuning controls, immersive graphics, and unmatched connectivity. Challenge the limits and reach new horizons with an amazing platform for gamers, creators, and high-powered professionals.

Desktop Performance Made Mobile

Whether you’re gaming and streaming, creating content, or multi-tasking across advanced work applications, 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-Series processors bring the powerful performance you need. The sky is the limit with up to 8 cores and 16 threads. Intel® Turbo Boost Max 3.0 delivers up to 5.0GHz frequencies; when combined with the new microarchitecture, it delivers a performance boost over the previous generation. The newest architecture features 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes direct to the CPU, enabling blazing-fast discrete graphics and storage—with smooth frame rates in 4K resolutions and feature-rich configurations with up to two RAIDed SSDs. Plus, the new Intel® Optane™ Memory H20 (Pyramid Glacier) brings amazing responsiveness and high-capacity NAND to quickly launch games, creation projects, or work files, with improved power and performance benefits over previous generation.

Immersive Graphics

11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-Series processors are designed to dynamically enable rich, immersive graphics, so you can dive into virtual worlds—or create them. 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-Series based laptops come paired with the latest discrete graphics and tap an industry open standard for resizable BAR—so the CPU can access the lightning-fast GPU memory—for smooth gameplay and high frame rates, streamlined creation, and better productivity. With support for high-end GPU connected via PCIe 4.0 to the CPU you can push impressively smooth frame rates in 4k resolutions. The Intel® Graphics Command Center makes it easy to adjust graphics, as well as capture and stream games using the Intel® Quick Sync Video—freeing your external graphics for the best gaming performance.

Advanced Overclocking

Tune, overclock, and more with the full suite of Intel® Adaptix™ Technologies. Intel® Speed Optimizer offers simple, instant overclocking with one click, while Intel® Dynamic Tuning Technology taps machine learning for adaptive performance. For advanced overclocking, Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility provides over 140 controls for processor clocks, memory timings, and voltage settings. 11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-Series processors also enable per-core voltage control, the ability to modify AVX2/512 voltages, XTU feature enhancements, and the ability to create its own BLCK internally.1 Now you can supercharge gaming, streaming, and content creation.

Superior Connectivity

Enjoy blazing-fast connectivity with a range of advanced features. Intel® Killer™ Wi-Fi 6/6E (Gig+) can access new exclusive wireless frequencies which enable your own personal VIP Wi-Fi network2 with speeds nearly 3x faster3 and up to 75% lower latency than legacy Wi-Fi.4 Integrated Thunderbolt™ 4 at 40Gbps, delivers the fastest, simplest and most reliable cable solution to any dock, display, or data device. With Thunderbolt 4, gamers and creators can create an immersive experience and easily record, edit, and share vivid photos and 4K videos by tapping Thunderbolt docks, color-accurate monitors, low-latency audio interfaces, and faster storage with speeds up to 3,000 Mb/s—all while ending cable clutter. Harness unrivaled connectivity for unmatched PC experiences—however and wherever you use your laptop.

11th Gen Intel® Core™ H-Series Processors: Features at a Glance

Feature Benefit
8C/16T Willow Cove core microarchitecture New core microarchitecture delivers increased performance and power efficiency.
10nm SuperFin Technology After years of refining the FinFET transistor, Intel is redefining the technology to enable the largest single intranode enhancement in its history, delivering performance improvement comparable to a full-node transition.
20PCIe Gen 4 lanes direct to the CPU 11th Gen H Series delivers truly enthusiast level I/O by enabling latest generation of discrete graphics and storage devices direct to the CPU. 20 lanes allows for a x16 discrete graphics and a x4 SSD or x8 graphics and dual x4 SSD in RAID0 for the fastest storage configuration in a laptop.
Thunderbolt™ 4 40 Gbps bandwidth and connection to various accessories.
Memory support up to DDR4-3200 High Bandwidth Memory for up to 3200MT/s.
Up to 44 platform PCIe lanes Desktop caliber I/O for building the most feature rich enthusiast laptops.
Intel® Optane ™ Memory H20 Second Gen Optane™ + NAND hybrid SSD with improved power and performance. Delivers amazing responsiveness in real world client usages.
Dual eDP Integrated for power-optimized Companion Display
IPU6SE Integrated for high fidelity MIPI support.
Quick Sync Video with NEW 2x Multi-format codec engines Fast video transcoding and low power 4K content streaming.
Discrete 6GHz Intel® Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+) support2 More reliable, ultra-low latency, Gigabit speeds, unencumbered by legacy Wi-Fi.
Integrated Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX201 (Gig+) support BIC legacy Wi-Fi 6 enables fast, responsive, and consistent connections in legacy Wi-Fi environments.
2.5G Intel® Ethernet Connection I225 (Foxville) support Strong, fast, and secure internet connectivity.
Intel® Adaptix™ Dynamic Tuning Technology OEM Customized power settings to intelligently adapt power policies based on usage mode and temperature.
Intel® Extreme Tuning Utility (XTU) Overclock, monitor, and stress an unlocked or partially unlocked system. This Windows based performance-tuning software for enthusiasts provides 140+ controls for processor clocks, memory timings, and voltage settings.
Support for up to 128GB DDR4 memory capacity Large memory capacity for the most demanding mobile workstation configurations.
Intel® Speed Optimizer One-click performance built into the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Intel XTU) software for easy overclocking.
Per Core Voltage Control 11th H Series i9-11980HK supports per-core voltage and will make per core overclocking more useful for advanced users.
AVX2/512 Offset/Voltage override 11th H Series i9-11980HK supports ability to modify AVX2/512 voltages to potentially reduce overall voltage and increase frequency.
CPU Internal BCLK Option TGL SoC can generate its own BCLK internally, and this can be controlled through the OC Mailbox.

Thông tin Sản phẩm và Hiệu năng


Việc thay đổi tần số xung nhịp hoặc điện áp có thể làm mất hiệu lực bảo hành sản phẩm và làm giảm tính ổn định, bảo mật, hiệu suất và tuổi thọ của bộ xử lý và các linh kiện khác. Kiểm tra với các nhà sản xuất hệ thống và linh kiện để biết thêm chi tiết.


Việc vận hành Wi-Fi 6E 6 GHz cho Máy tính yêu cầu sử dụng các sản phẩm Wi-Fi 6E (Gig+) của Intel cùng với hệ điều hành và bộ định tuyến/AP/Cổng hỗ trợ Wi-Fi 6E, cùng với phân bổ phổ tần khu vực và các chứng nhận theo quy định bắt buộc. Tìm hiểu thêm tại (khả năng kết nối).


Dựa trên đặc điểm kỹ thuật IEEE 802.11ax. Các kênh 160 MHz và lợi thế công nghệ của Wi-Fi 6/6E tạo điều kiện tăng đáng kể mức tối đa tốc độ máy tính của khách hàng so với các sản phẩm Wi-Fi 5 tiêu chuẩn.


Dựa trên mô phỏng kỹ thuật của Intel với thông số kỹ thuật IEEE 802.11ax. Các kênh 160 MHz và các ưu điểm của công nghệ Wi-Fi 6/6E liên quan đến lưu lượng được quản lý trên mạng cho phép độ trễ thấp hơn, hoạt động hiệu quả hơn và độ tin cậy cao hơn so với lưu lượng dựa trên tranh chấp ngẫu nhiên của mạng Wi-Fi 5 tiêu chuẩn.