Teaching Strategies and Resources

Learn how new teaching methods and strategies can help students stay focused and engaged during class, especially in virtual and remote learning environments.

Active Learning

Active learning is one of many effective teaching strategies that encourage students to fully participate in their learning. When teachers implement technology with active learning in the classroom, students become more engaged, collaborative, and productive. By using technology as part of everyday class work, homework, and projects, students develop the skills for innovation that will eventually help drive them toward higher education and prepare them for the jobs of the future.

Remote Learning

Remote learning is steadily becoming normalized in the education sector. With effective teaching methods, the right mindsets, and provided tools, school administrators, parents, and educators can deliver the best interactive learning experience for their students.

Smart Classroom and Devices

In order for students to learn effectively, educators should embrace technology and technological programs that are designed for personalization, equality, and efficiency. With smart devices—such as the ViewBoard—transforming education inside and outside of the classroom, teachers are able to customize and standardize their students’ learning environment, preparing them to become the next generation of innovators.