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Intel® SM35 Express Chipset Datasheet

Intel® SM35 Express Chipset Datasheet

The Intel® SM35 Express Chipset Datasheet describes the architecture, features, buffers, signal descriptions, register definition, power management, pin states, operating parameters, electrical, mechanical, and thermal specifications for the Platform Controller Hub (PCH).

The Intel® SM35 Express Chipset Platform Controller Hub (PCH) Datasheet is intended for use by hardware developers that are designing and manufacturing products using the Intel® SM35 Express Chipset PCH.

This platform consists of 3 chips:
• Intel® Atom™ Z670 Processor with Integrated Graphics and Memory Controller
• Intel® SM35 Express Chipset Platform Controller Hub (PCH)
• Power Management Integrated Circuit (PMIC)

Note: Throughout this document, the Intel® Atom™ Processor Z6xx Series is referred as the processor and Intel® SM35 Express Chipset is referred to as the PCH.

The PCH is built around the AMBA protocol and OCP industry standard interfaces and interconnects. The Intel SM35 Express Chipset PCH is designed to leverage proven functional blocks from the System-on-Chip (SoC) ecosystem; thus, improving software stability and reducing time-to-market (TTM).
The PCH integrates accelerators and system control functions that are typically performed by the system CPU or programmable external components. This significantly reduces the system power for many applications and lowers the system cost and component count.

To protect personal data and play protected multimedia content, the PCH integrates a cryptographic engine. This engine performs high speed decryption of protected content and provides storage and management of cryptographic secret keys.

Read the full Intel® SM35 Express Chipset Datasheet.

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