How To Enable Extended Desktop Mode


Install & Setup



With extended desktop mode, you can get a larger Windows* desktop area spanning multiple displays. You can move applications from one display to the other.

All Intel® graphics products support extended desktop mode across two displays.

To enable extended desktop mode:

  1. In desktop mode, right-click the Desktop and select Graphics Properties.

    Graphics Properties 

  2. Click Display > Multiple Displays.

    Display Multiple Displays 

  3. Select Extended Desktop mode and click Apply.

For some systems, with third generation or newer Intel® Core™ Processors, three-display support is available. After completing the previous steps:

  1. Use the Arrange Displays window. Use your mouse to move the displays in a different arrangement.
    Arrange Displays

  2. Click Apply to save changes.

Note You must have three monitors connected to see all three drop-down menus.
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