Linux* Support for Intel® NUC


Install & Setup




The Intel® Product Compatibility Tool lists Linux* versions that are reported as compatible by Intel® NUC users. Intel hasn't validated these operating systems. We recommend you use the latest kernel.

If you're installing OpenELEC* or Ubuntu* on the Intel® NUC Kit DN2820FYKH or DE3815TYKHE, there are specific changes required in BIOS. See the operating system installation for required changes.


Linux* distribution Resources
Ubuntu* Canonical* certifies the below Intel® NUCs, and you can download a 16.04 LTS Desktop and an IoT Core image from Canonical.
  • NUC7i3DNHE
  • NUC7i5DNHE
  • NUC7i7DNHE
Contact Intel® Customer Support if you need help on the above products.

Kodi* standalone operating system.

Clear Linux Intel's Linux Distribution.

Linux* driver information

Linux distributions normally include all necessary drivers. Contact your Linux vendor and use their distribution resources for driver downloads and support.

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