Carlos Rozas

Intel Labs / Senior Principal Engineer

Research Areas:

  • Architecture, Cloud Computing Systems

  • Compilers & Software Tools, Encryption

  • Operating Systems, Security Architecture

  • Trusted Platforms, x86 Instruction Set Architecture

  • x86 Microarchitecture



Carlos Rozas is a Senior Principal Engineer in the Intel Labs Security and Privacy Research group. He has been a researcher at Intel Labs for 20+ years with a focus on security, trustworthy computing systems, and computer architecture. He is one of the lead architects of Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) technology and leads a team focused on long-term architectural security research to mitigate speculative side channels. Carlos is a co-PI for Intel’s Side Channel Academic Program (SCAP) involving 22+ universities worldwide. He has worked in various areas of security including Side Channels, Trusted Execution Environments, Virtualization, Runtime Integrity and Content Protection. He has been granted over 80 patents. Carlos received a MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan and is a member of ACM.