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Intel® Select Solutions for Advanced Analytics

Intel® Select Solutions for advanced analytics in the enterprise are verified hardware and software stacks optimized for database performance and flexibility to conduct business operations much faster at the SLAs required for enterprise business.

Intel® Select Solutions for storage offer a fast path to data center transformation with configurations verified for optimized performance necessary on hyper-converged infrastructure—without the time and hassle required to tune the stack and deliver simplified management and efficient scalability.

Intel® Select Solutions for Hybrid Cloud

Intel® Select Solutions for hybrid cloud bring all the advantages of cloud services to your on-premises data center in a simple and accelerated deployment option. Choose verified solutions that offer tuned and optimized infrastructure for private cloud strategies at premium performance from software-defined compute, storage and networking capabilities.

Intel® Select Solutions for High Performance Computing

Intel® Select Solutions for high performance computing offer easy and quick-to-deploy infrastructure optimized for analytics clusters and HPC applications to help accelerate time to breakthrough, actionable insight and new product design.

Intel® Select Solutions for Network Transformation

Intel® Select Solutions for network transformation offer a faster and more efficient deployment path for verified, reliable infrastructure configurations that support virtual network enhancements and help meet emerging customer workload demands in network communications.

Vui lòng hỏi đối tác của chúng tôi về giải pháp Intel® Select

Vui lòng hỏi về giải pháp Intel® Select từ các đối tác tham gia OEM để giúp bạn tăng tốc hành trình hiện đại hóa trung tâm dữ liệu của mình. Khám phá các lựa chọn về CNTT dành cho doanh nghiệp, điện toán hiệu năng cao (HPC) và chuyển đổi mạng để tìm hiểu cách thức các giải pháp được thiết kế trên nền tảng dòng bộ xử lý Intel® Xeon® cung cấp hiệu năng được tối ưu hóa theo khối lượng công việc cho tương lai.

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