Xem sự sáng tạo máy tính xách tay mới nhất của Intel

Thiết kế nền tảng Intel® Evo™, sử dụng bộ xử lý Intel® Core™ thế hệ thứ 11 được thiết kế để giúp mọi người thực hiện những điều quan trọng nhất.


Lucy's been rushing between meetings all day, so she's ready for a little R&R. First up, music.

Alexa, play my evening mix.


Her new laptop, based on the Intel Evo platform, has Alexa built in. But after a long day on the road, her system only has about an hour of battery left. Might as well charge it while picking up a pizza. In just 30 minutes using the rapid charge, her system is ready for another four hours of use-- in this case, binge-watching. Even spotty hotel Wi-Fi can't stand in her way.

Laptops based on the Intel Evo platform have AV1 hardware decoding for the best quality streaming with less impact to battery life, even in lower bandwidth environments. And with both Dolby Atmos and Vision certification, Lucy can enjoy the ultimate theater experience wherever she goes.