Private Cloud Solutions: Where Performance Meets Efficiency

High-performance private cloud technology starts with Intel® processors, networking components, and solid-state drives.

Build, Scale, and Secure Your Private Cloud

Private cloud solutions enable a single-tenant cloud environment in which end users have fast access to essential IT resources. Private clouds offer the security controls, compliance capabilities, and continuity expected from a modern data center built on software-defined infrastructure. Teams can rapidly spin up infrastructure and pool resources with cloud advantages in the on-premises environment. For an extra layer of control, a virtual private cloud provides an isolated pool of computing resources for approved users. This gives you an extra layer of control for privacy and security purposes. Private cloud benefits include:

  • Elasticity and scalability – Respond quickly to changing workload demands.
  • Security controls – Provide access only to authenticated users and devices.
  • Operational efficiencies – Deliver more computing power with less physical hardware.
  • Self-service capabilities – Spin up a virtual machine in minutes.
  • Multiuser service – Single-instance software supports multiple use cases.
  • Dedicated, on-demand resources – Always-on resources provide on-demand data availability.

With Intel® architecture as the foundation for your private cloud, you can experience smooth transitions, ease migrations, and improve operational efficiency. Our data-centric portfolio builds on decades of application and OEM optimizations, designed help you unlock the full potential of the cloud.