Private Cloud Provides High Performance and Efficiency

Intel powers cloud services with compatible processors, networking components, and solid-state drives, along with a rich portfolio of enabling technologies, easy-to-deploy cloud solutions, and a broad choice of industry collaborators.

Private Cloud Benefits

Private cloud offers business units and DevOps faster access to essential IT resources with the security controls, compliance, and continuity expected from the modern data center. Now teams can rapidly spin up infrastructure and pool resources with cloud advantages in the on-premises environment.

Implementation Strategies

Private cloud falls into three broad categories based on the service required. But the implementation process is similar for each: 1) Get clear input from business units which problems need to be solved; 2) Determine your platform of choice, for example Microsoft, VMWare*, or OpenStack*; 3) Start small and grow.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

A cloud-based approach to delivering infrastructure—VMs, storage, networking, and operating systems—as an on-demand service.

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Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Adds capabilities to develop, test, deploy, host, and maintain applications in a single development environment. PaaS often includes support for DevOp team collaboration and cost management.

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

Uses a distribution model to serve business applications from a centrally-hosted location. They can include user applications, business applications, and technical applications.

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Enterprise Private Cloud Deployments

Data Communications

Collaborating with Intel, Tata Communications chose OpenStack as the architecture for its cloud portfolio, creating an agile software-defined infrastructure for the company.

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Volkswagen Saves Time and Money with a Private Cloud Deployment

Their next-generation cloud based on Intel® architecture and the Mirantis OpenStack* cloud platform allows previously locked infrastructure resources to be pooled, shared, and accessed on demand, enabling greater business and IT agility.

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Umeå University

Umeå University Demonstrates the Effective Use of Cloud Computing in Educational Institutions

Johan Carlsson, CTO of ICT Services at Umeå University discusses their experiences and effective use of cloud computing in educational institutions, including the considerable benefits gained through automated provisioning.

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Alternative Cloud Strategies

In addition to private cloud, there are two other approaches for enterprise cloud deployment: public and hybrid. See how Intel® technology makes these options viable.

Public Cloud

Leverage cloud infrastructure from flexible, off-premises service providers to quickly expand compute resources, leverage skilled talent, and add new capabilities for IT and DevOps.

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Hybrid Cloud

Combine on- and off-premises cloud services managed as an integrated, flexible, federated environment with a best-of-breed approach.

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Additional Cloud Computing Resources and Insights

Red Hat* Private Cloud Solutions Help Enable Rapid Innovation

With on-demand services, unified management, and interoperability, IT organizations can optimize infrastructure, efficiently utilize resources, and speed time to market.

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Help Improve Operational Efficiency with a SUSE Cloud Solution

SUSE OpenStack Cloud* helps IT organizations meet the increasing demand for agility and speed without vendor lock-in.

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