Beyond 8K HDR Video

Get upgraded with Intel’s FPGA-compliant video solutions with DisplayPort 1.4 and upcoming HDMI 2.1.

Accelerating Innovation for Broadcasting

The media industry is undergoing many exciting changes such as delivering content in UHD/8K, multi-platform content delivery, transport over IP networks, and cloud computing. Learn more about how Intel® FPGAs can help enable the next innovations in broadcast.

Accelerating Pro A/V and Studio Innovations

Media standards are continuously evolving to keep up with ever changing technology requirements driven by higher resolutions, faster frame rates, deeper color, and the move to IP networks. Minimizing the costs and risks of new technology rollouts caused by market uncertainties has become a priority. Scalable and flexible FPGA solutions future-proof Studio and Pro A/V applications by minimizing risk, decreasing development costs, and reducing time to market. Check out our high-performance, programmable solutions and integrate your differentiated IP with our comprehensive, plug-and-play video processing and connectivity IP portfolio.

The FPGA Advantage

Feature Description
Quick Time to Market Shortest time to market with off-the-shelf complete standard IP suites enabling you to be first in addressing the latest market trends.
High Performance Access to the latest silicon process nodes combining industry breakthroughs in transceiver, memory, core processing technologies, and design tools.
Flexibility Highest degree of flexibility accommodating rapid design changes, allowing you to respond quickly to dynamic market trends, constantly developing standards, and rapidly evolving infrastructure.
Customizable Solutions Customizable solutions allow you to differentiate products using your own proprietary IP.
Scale and Standardize Scalable core, I/O performance, memory, and power requirements within and among different product families as well as standardization on a single platform across product lines and adjacent applications reduce schedule and obsolescence risks.
Long Product Lifecycles Designing systems that meet requirements for safety, quality, and reliability over very long system deployment lifetimes.

IHSE White Paper: KVM Meets Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) by Intel®

"For decades, Intel has set groundbreaking technological standards that take a leading position in the industry and have sometimes also become industry standards.

Intel® FPGAs are integral components of almost every IHSE KVM system. Mission-critical computer systems need to operate on a 24/7 basis. Any equipment inserted into the data flow must offer extensive redundancy capability, fail-safe operation, and continuous operation with hot-swap capability. IHSE relies on Intel® FPGAs for their secure KVM systems to ensure the highest level of safety and security. Intel standards, such as the OPS format, are well thought-out and widespread in the market and offer excellent starting points for further innovation. For example, IHSE has developed an ideal addition for OPS screens that allows remote and secure location and switching of computers."

Dr. Enno Littman, CEO IHSE GmbH:

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Studio Applications

Intel® FPGAs provide the required performance, flexibility, and reliability enabling the I/O and video processing horsepower required from acquisition to consumption through video production. Furthermore, Intel® FPGAs comprehensive video IP portfolio enables fast time to market in a vast range of applications with current and future needs such as the virtualization of the studio workflow.

Pro A/V Applications

Intel provides a wide range of video connectivity and video processing IP both directly and through our network of partners. The combination of our latest FPGAs and cutting-edge IP provide a platform to create high-performance solutions for the latest video and audio standards.

IP Solutions

New market trends like UHD and HDR are demanding Pro A/V and Studio industries to support much higher bandwidths and fast evolving standards. Find out how Intel® FPGAs IP portfolio can help you to quickly bring solutions to market.

Solution Briefs

Ross Video: High Performance UHD on Intel® Stratix® 10 FPGAs

Learn about the Ross SMPTE ST 2110 SWIFT platform built for UHD and how Intel® Stratix® 10 FPGAs helps to meet the ever increasing demands of of UHD video.

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JWIPC/iBASE: Highly Scalable Digital Signage with Intel

Intel® is modernizing the digital signage industry with a new distributed architecture. Learn about the new solutions provided by JWIPC and iBASE.

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DarbeeVision: Pushing the Boundaries of Image/Video Realism

Learn more about the DarbeeVision solution that leverages Intel® FPGAs to enhance the viewing experience and accelerate image/video processing for multiple types of visual use cases.

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8K UHD: Innovate with 8K UHD in Pro-AV and Broadcast Applications

Learn more about Intel's FPGA-based 8K UHD solutions, including new HDMI 2.1 and 8K resolution Video Image Processing (VIP) IP blocks, to create new mind-blowing visual experiences as 8K moves into the mainstream.

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NAB 2016: UDX10 4K60 Video Processing Solutions

UDX10 Reference Design Up Down Conversion 4K60 UHD (RGB 4:4:4 10b) with HDMI 2.0.

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NAB 2016: Studio Video Over IP (SVIP) TR-03/04 Solutions

Multiple 3G video streams over SMPTE ST 2022-6, AES67 audio streams, and IEEE 1588 sync performing a complete solution with discovery, registration, and connection management.

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