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® Intel FM2224 24-Port 10G Ethernet L2 Switch Chip Data Sheet


Intel intends to offer multiple market- and customer-specific product variants based on the platform. This preliminary data sheet documents the features and functionality of the initial 24-port variant of the Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2000 platform, which will be referred to in this document as the Intel® Ethernet Switch FM2224.

Product Overview

The FM2224 is a fully-integrated, single-chip, 24-port, 10G Ethernet layer-2 switch chip that offers wire-speed performance, extremely low latency characteristics, and leading power efficiency. With its robust, layer-2 switching capabilities and the ubiquity of Ethernet, the FM2224 fits comfortably in a number of existing and emerging applications. And, with the unprecedented level of integration, the FM2224 removes the cost, area, and power barrier for rapid and far-reaching 10G Ethernet deployment.

With unprecedented integration, performance, power efficiency, and latency characteristics, the FM2224 can be used for a variety of infrastructure and interconnect applications, some of which include:
•Blade computer and IP storage platform internal fabric
• Data center cluster interconnect (clustered computers and storage resources)
• Enterprise stackable switch (performance workgroups and workgroup aggregation)
• AdvancedTCA backplane fabric (star or mesh architecture)
• AdvancedTCA carrier card switch (interconnecting mezzanine cards)
• Proprietary system backplane fabric.

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