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China Digital Video: Intel® SSD Boosts Storage Performance

China Digital Video: Intel® SSD Boosts Storage Performance

Founded in 1990, China Digital Video (Beijing) Limited (CDV) is committed to providing leading content production, operation technologies, and services in the field of digital media. With the rapid development of digital media technology and increasingly larger video screen sizes, data volume has continued to grow. This creates severe challenges to the performance of the storage devices of video servers that support CDV's digital media operations.

• Improve hard drive performance. Traditional mechanical hard drive was unable to meet the demands of writing multi-path, high-definition (HD) video data recording.
• Unreliability of storage device. High failure rate with hard drives used in mobile applications led to loss of video content, which translated to finance loss for the company and its customers.
• Poor mobility and portability. The mechanical hard drive’s size, weight, and power consumption have been proven to be disadvantages with mobile recording applications.

• Deploy Intel® Solid-State Drives. Use Intel Solid-State Drives 520 series 480GB to replace the original Serial-attached SCSI (SAS) mechanical hard drives in CDV's video servers and mobile applications.

• Fast data transfer performance. CDV internal tests have shown that one single Intel Solid-State Drive 520 series allows concurrent write of four-path HD video data.
• Better data reliability. The Intel Solid-State Drive 520 series has lowered the potential data safety hazards caused by hot plugging and vibration.
• Improved work efficiency and morale. The mobility and high performance of the Intel Solid-State Drive have improved productivity and employee morale.

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