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Tier-1 Storage in the Modern Data Center

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Tier-1 Storage in the Modern Data Center

The purpose of this paper is to define what constitutes “tier-1” storage in the modern IT world and in the data centers and services that support it. The term seems to be implicitly understood when discussing traditional environments, but what constitutes the norm in data centers has evolved rapidly over the last few years. What was a simple environment just a few years ago with mainframes or a few large servers to be supported has evolved into a complex web of virtual machines, clouds, and expanding user expectations. These three factors demand, and also create, flexibility, but they do so in a way that pushes a lack of predictability upon the storage infrastructure.

Of course, the impacts of the structural, application, and environmental changes are not just felt in the storage infrastructure. This paper is just one of a series in which ESG will attempt to define high-level criteria, attributes, and categorization for the infrastructure required to operate a “next-generation data center” be it on premises, in the cloud, or as some hybrid implementation. These categorization exercises are necessary to help delineate those vendors and technologies that are only suited for past/current data center requirements from those that have what it takes to support a true next-generation data center.

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