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Uptime Upgrade

Key benefits:

  • Enable Windows Server 2012 high availability capabilities and cluster topologies
  • Significantly reduce the cost of building high-availability server clusters
  • Simple upgrade (hardware key and software) to existing Intel RAID Controllers
  • Quick deployment without the complexities of a SAN

Taking simple and smart to the next level

Intel® RAID high availability storage solutions, powered by LSI Syncro* technology, provide redundant, shareable, and scalable direct-attached storage (DAS) through a simple, affordable software upgrade to existing Intel® RAID Controllers. Operating on Microsoft Windows Server* 2012, this simple and intelligent failover solution significantly reduces the cost of building high-availability server clusters. It provides a redundant, simplified server failover cluster by combining two storage RAID controllers with two servers. The controllers can deliver high-availability by sharing storage in a dual server to a JBOD configuration or in a single cluster-in-a-box (CIB) form factor.

Simpler, smarter, and more cost-effective direct-attached storage (DAS)

Traditional high availability solutions combine servers into clusters and share storage across a storage area network (SAN) to ensure continuous application availability and eliminate single points of failure. Intel RAID high availability lowers costs and reduces complexity of high availability solutions with fully-redundant and simplified storage without the need for storage networking hardware.

Read the Intel® RAID High Availability product brief >

Product Specifications

Order code AXXRPFKHA2
Target market Scalable performance
Board form factor Activation key
Supported operating systems Microsoft Windows Server* 2012 and Server 2008 R1
Supported SSDs Varies by Intel RAID product; see the tested hardware for your specific Intel® RAID product
Items included Upgrade key to enable two Intel® RAID high availability solution enablement keys for use with selected Intel® RAID Controllers and a quick install guide.
Compatible products
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