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Intel® Server Board S1400SP-based System

Flexible, entry one-socket, 1U rack-optimized system with four 3.5-inch hot-swap HDDs for embedded environments

Key Features

Target Applications

Built for entry-level affordability, the rack-optimized Intel® Server Board S1400SP-based system provides real server performance at a low cost, making it an ideal embedded, data center, and storage solution building block.

Product Specifications

SKU Order Code Power Supply Hard Drive Support Redundant Fans PCIe*


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450 W AC, mini enterprise, Gold efficiency Supports up to 4 hot-swap 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch drives Yes

1 x PCIe* x8

1 x connector for Intel® I/O Expansion Module

1 x connector for Intel® Integrated RAID Module

Product Compatibility

Compatible Intel® Products

Tested Hardware; Memory; Operating System Lists
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