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Proof-of-Concept: Increasing Self-Checkout Throughput and Price Accuracy

Increase Self-Checkout Throughput and Price Accuracy

Self-checkout is a win-win for customers and retailers looking for an alternative to long queues in stores. Further boosting customer throughput, next-generation self-service POS systems are integrating new technologies that save time at the register and prevent lost sales due to theft, sweetheart deals, and scanning or data errors. Helping to speed up the checkout process, the combination of powerful Intel® multi-core processors and mobile device connectivity, video analytics, and biometric technology is addressing the following.

Losing Time in the Checkout Line

• Handling loyalty cards and traditional paper coupons and receipts
• Registering prices when bar codes are missing, unreadable or compromised
• Authorizing sales clerks to perform special functions (for example, price overrides)

Conducting Transactions with Mobile Phones

For many shoppers, their mobile phones seem to be as essential as drinking water. Retailers can take advantage of these ubiquitous devices to simplify and speed up several aspects of the checkout process. Instead of customers searching for loyalty and credit cards and then swiping them, mobile phones perform these operations in one step—wirelessly. Likewise, paper coupons and receipts will be replaced with electronic versions that customers download to their phones, which saves the time spent on handling coupons and printing receipts. In the case of coupons, customers can send their grocery lists to their phones, which find suitable electronic coupons on the Internet, and are then passed wirelessly to the POS device for processing.

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