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Digital Signage Gives Customers a More Personal Shopping Experience

Deliver the “wow” with Intel® technology

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Your opportunity to engage

Walk into any store, hotel, airport, school, movie theater, health club—you name it—and it’s likely you will encounter a digital display that is advertising a product, promoting a brand, providing you with directions, or even inviting you to step up and interact. That’s digital signage.

Big retailers have led the way. By putting the right screens in the right places and showing the right messages, businesses are achieving the kind of personalized engagement that shoppers crave. Today digital signs are used to showcase hot new inventory, promote closeouts, measure message effectiveness—and so much more. Whether designed into a point-of-sale end-cap display, used as a stand-alone marketing system, or attracting customers to an interactive vending system, digital signage takes the shopping experience to a whole new level.

Real-world examples:

Digital signage is key to the omni-channel

Digital signage is a core element of an omni-channel experience, whereby shoppers enjoy a consistent and seamless engagement regardless of the device or channel in use. When in-store digital signage connects to the Web, social media, and mobile devices, it becomes an important omni-channel conduit, and an engaging access point to a wealth of information—for consumers and retailers alike. Consumers enjoy an online-type of shopping experience while reaping the benefits of being in-store, where the merchandise is available to touch, try, and buy.

Delivery of digital content to every screen

Optimizing the customer experience is the focus of Intel® Retail Client Manager (Intel® RCM)—an intelligent software solution that enables you to deliver digital content to every screen, including digital signage, with greater impact, when and where it matters most. Reach specific audiences in a timely manner, remotely manage your messages in near real time, and launch customized content dynamically.

Count and analyze audiences on the fly

Transform your signage into an intelligent, situation-aware content system using Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite). This powerful analytics technology senses viewer responsiveness and determines gender and age group, then adapts messages accordingly. Intel AIM Suite can also measure the duration of a person’s gaze, further enhancing your ability to track consumer behavior, adapt messages, and measure return on investment (ROI). Use Intel AIM Suite to better understand your shoppers in ways that will help you optimize your engagement and sales.

Remotely manage your digital signs

Maximize uptime and save on truck rolls by remotely managing your digital signage systems using built-in Intel hardware technology. With Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), you can deliver rich multimedia content while enabling advanced security, energy savings, and lower total cost of ownership. The benefits are both practical and measurable.

Easily implement scalable applications

Intel developed the Intelligent Pluggable System Specification (IPSS) to simplify the installation, usage, maintenance, and upgrade of digital signage infrastructure. IPSS helps make digital signage devices more intelligent and connected while reducing costs by ensuring that components are interchangeable by design. What’s more, installing Intel®-based digital signage gives retailers a way to implement scalable applications that can network easily with other equipment. This approach further safeguards interoperability and simplifies application upgrades in a way that allows users to future-proof technology investments.

Entry-level reference design resources

The Intel® Reference Design for Digital Signage (EL-10) enables manufacturers to streamline the creation of inexpensive digital signage solutions and grow market share in an environment of rapidly increasing demand.

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