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Intel® Digital Security Surveillance Solutions At-a-Glance

Digital Security and Surveillance Solutions At-a-Glance

If you have purchased a new camera lately, it’s likely that it’s digital. Both traditional still photography and video have moved away from film and analog systems and are now almost entirely based on digital technology.

In the case of video for surveillance and security, the transition from analog to digital security systems (DSS) is more than just a change in technology. It’s a complete transformation, opening the door to smarter, more cost-effective, versatile solutions and increasing their appeal for a wide range of businesses—corporate offices, medical clinics, retailers, restaurants, and more.

Here are three key reasons why:
• Quality. The quality of surveillance footage captured digitally is far better. It’s possible to zero in on details—faces, license plates, handwriting—making it much more effective in detecting and preventing undesirable behavior.
• Integration. Video surveillance systems can now integrate with other devices and applications. It’s now possible, for example, to automatically generate text alerts and e-mails. Surveillance video can be viewed on any connected device—tablet, smartphone, laptop, and PC.
• Analytics. Finally, digital security and surveillance systems no longer need to be monitored by individuals and are no longer just for security. Video analytics software can be used to monitor footage for undesirable behavior (for example, shoplifting) and also extract valuable information to support marketing, enhance business processes, and optimize overall business performance.

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