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Today’s consumers seek out immersive and customized retail experiences like never before. Forward-thinking developers are creating systems with Intel® architecture, the optimum platform for delivering connected, managed, and secure solutions. Intel is enabling responsive retail designs with technology ingredients—hardware, software, and services—that can help you bring personalized shopping experiences to your customers.

Intel® platforms and solutions are exactly what your retail customers need to drive profits and improve customer loyalty through real-time inventory management, customer engagement and personalized marketing. Choosing Intel® silicon for your designs will put you on a path for success, enabling you to develop solutions that reach back-end infrastructure to consumers’ mobile devices—and all points in between.

Mobile retail

Consumers expect in-store retail interactions to deliver the same seamless experience that they enjoy on their mobile devices: rich with immersive engagement, high levels of service, and personalization. Whether designing your own mobile retail tablets or porting applications to an off-the-shelf solution, your guide to mobile retail solutions starts with the following:

Point of sale (POS)

Today’s POS systems are much more than sales transaction devices. They engage with shoppers and retail associates for everything from marketing and customer service to inventory management and pricing.

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Digital signage

Walk into any store, hotel, airport, school, movie theatre, health club—you name it—and it’s likely you will encounter a digital display that is advertising a product, promoting a brand, providing you with directions, or even inviting you to step up and interact. That’s digital signage. Intel is making it easy for you to bring the most amazing digital signage solutions to your customers, starting with the following:

Intelligent vending

The Internet is accelerating the beat rate of innovation and transforming markets, not the least of which is the vending industry. One example of this is the emerging Internet of Things (IoT), which is taking today’s isolated systems and connecting them to the Internet, a trend that is already underway for vending machines.

Intel® Reference Design for Intelligent Vending
Developers are provided with a proven recipe for re-architecting traditional vending machines into highly-capable, Internet-connected machines.

Software and services

In today’s ultra-competitive retail environment, delivering valuable customer experiences is everything. Keep this in mind as you develop your retail solutions. Intel offers multiple software and services tools that will enable you to provide the complete experience to your customers. Learn more about:

Intel® Retail Client Manager
Load this powerful content management tool onto your digital retail solutions and empower your customers for success.

Intel® Audience Impression Metrics Suite (Intel® AIM Suite)
Get introduced to real-time audience counting and analytics.

Platform technologies

Intel® Data Protection Technology for Transactions
Using a combination of hardware authentication and end-to-end
encryption, Intel Data Protection Technology for Transactions is
designed to secure data from the moment a transaction is initiated all
the way through the storage of the encrypted information on retailer and
bank server networks.



Intel® Embedded Design Center

Tools, content, support for intelligent systems developers

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The connected store

Digital signage is just one component of Intel’s vision for the connected store.

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