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Intel® Atom™ Processor N400 Series Datasheet, Vol. 2

This is the volume 2 of Intel® Atom™ Processor N400 Series Datasheet, and is intended to be distributed as part of the complete document. This document provides register information for Intel® Atom™ Processor N400 Series.

Throughout this document, Intel® Atom™ Processor N400 Series is referred as the processor and Intel® NM10 Family Express Chipset is referred as the chipet.

System Address Map

The processor supports 4 GB of addressable memory space and 64 KB+3 of addressable I/O space. There is a programmable memory address space under the 1 MB region which is divided into regions which can be individually controlled with programmable attributes such as Disable, Read/Write, Write Only, or Read Only. Attribute programming is described in the Register Description section. This section focuses on how the memory space is partitioned and what the separate memory regions are used for. I/O address space has simpler mapping and is explained near the end of this section.

The processor supports a maximum of 2GB of DRAM. No DRAM memory will be accessible above 2 GB. DRAM capacity is limited by the silicon fuse. There is no hardware lock to stop someone from inserting more memory than that is addressable.

Read the full Intel® Atom™ Processor N400 Series Volume 2 Datasheet.

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