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MeshCentral on Intel® Gateways Simplifies IoT Management: Brief

Brief: MeshCentral on Intel® IoT Gateways simplifies the connection and management of all types of legacy devices. (v.1, Jun. 2014)

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Synchrophasor Solution Simplifies Smart Grid Development: Brief

Solution Brief: Simplify smart grid development with synchrophasor data management solution on Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework-based platforms.

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Energy-efficient Advantage

Intelligent Intel® technology is the foundation for energy efficient solutions.

Temperature and Humidity Analysis

Graphical analysis of the temperature and humidity of sensor nodes in the storage area and the lab area from June 12, 2009, to July 20, 2009.

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Intel® Architecture: Enable the Smart Grid

Intel® Xeon® processors make distributed-intelligence possible. Since components are connected, redistributing stored energy is more efficient.

White Paper: Wind Turbine Availability Excellence

Examines constant operation of remote offshore wind turbines through usage of remote management, virtualization, and wireless technology.

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Smart Grid Technology Research: Understanding Energy Consumption

Smart grid technology helps Pecan Street researchers understand residential energy consumption.

Benchmark Chart: SPECpower_ssj2008*

Compares energy efficiency between the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 and the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v2 platforms using SPECpower_ssj2008*.

IoT Innovation: Living Labs and Service Creation

Intel®-based IoT smart city apps demo API service creation for industrial lighting, and living labs environmental data monitoring in city parks.

Internet of Things for Energy Use Case

Case Study: Wind River discusses Internet of Things-based smart energy grid use cases and describes challenges facing intelligent energy distribution.

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