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IDF15—Intel Developer Forum 2015: San Francisco

Stay on top of the tech trends by registering for keynotes, technical sessions, and exhibits at the Intel Developer Forum 2015 in San Francisco.

2015 IoT Solutions World Congress Barcelona

Register to attend the 2015 IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, Spain and get access to exhibits and sessions from tech and industry experts.

Case Study: Coor Brings a Horizontal IoT Solution to the Office

See how Coor is collaborating with Yanzi and Intel to create a horizontal IoT solution that boosts employee and business efficiency and lowers costs.

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Intel® Ethernet CNA X710 & XL710 SR-IOV Configuration Guide: Brief

Intel's 40 GbE solutions are available with I/O Virtualization capabilities and support with Linux distributions in a single adapter. (v.1, Aug. 2015)

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Intel® IOT Gateways: Watchdog Timer: App Note

A watchdog timer is a hardware monitoring tool that prompts system recovery after a failure with a simple pinging mechanism. (v.1, Jul. 2015)

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Intel® IoT Gateway—Wind River* IDP XT 2.0, RCPL29: Release Notes

Release Notes: Describes instructions for downloading and installing the Intel® IoT Gateway Wind River* IDP XT 2.0, RCPL29 update. (v.1, Aug. 2015)

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Tech Today, Episode 3—Powering the Internet of Things

Tech Today episode 3 explores how IoT improves public transportation, makes freight more efficient, and enables life-saving decisions.

Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI

Zip file: The following specifications for the Intel® Platform Innovation Framework for EFI are available for download

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Demo

Intel’s Automotive Solutions Division demos progress in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, discussing the technology and reference platforms used.

IoT in Automotive: Autobeat Insider Interviews Intel Division GM

Intel’s Automotive Solutions Division GM Elliot Garbus discusses the role of IoT in making driving safer and saving automakers money with AutoBeat.