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Costa Enterprises Makes Coffee Vending a Sensory Experience

Costa Enterprises’ Jim Slater explains how the Costa Express* emits the sounds and smells of coffee shops, making coffee vending a sensory experience.

Intel® Atom™ Processor C2000 Family Cold Storage Solution

Dell’s Drew Schulke discusses the Intel®-based cold storage solution, providing a high-density, low-power space for an efficient data center.

Expedient Private Cloud Computing on Challenges, Adaptation

Expedient’s Alex Rodriguez covers private cloud computing growth and adaptation, proprietary storage network challenges, and company evolution.

Expedient Gets Intel®-based Platform to Meet Cloud Storage Demand

Expedient’s Alex Rodriguez covers why the enterprise server provider uses Intel®-based platforms for reliable and performance-driven infrastructure.

Expedient Private Cloud Computing on its Platform Benefits

Expedient’s Alex Rodriguez discusses the benefits and competitive advantage of converting proprietary cloud storage to Intel®-based open platforms.

Expedient Private Cloud Computing on Next-Gen Solutions

Expedient’s Alex Rodriguez covers next-gen storage solutions, like adding processing power with SSDs, more interactive data, and automated tiering.

Intel® Technologies Enhance AutoCAD* 2013 Features

Intel® Xeon® processors speed up renders and graphics, and Intel® SSDs boost load times, improving AutoCAD* 2013’s new features and enhanced workflow.

Meet Telecommunication Network Challenges

TIA NOW presents solutions from Oracle and Intel that help telecommunications companies transform networks, meeting new challenges.

Qosmos Security Solution Enhances Data Analysis

Qosmos security analysis software extracts metadata, classifies flows, isolates attributes such as passwords, and displays data in a compact format.

Làm Mới Máy Tính của Bạn lấy Sự Nhanh Nhạy

Máy tính của bạn khiến bạn phải chờ đợi? Hãy tạm biệt sự chờ đợi và chào đón công nghệ mới và xem “sẵn sàng khi bạn sẵn sàng” có giá phải chăng hơn bạn nghĩ rất nhiều.