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Boost Data Center Bandwidth with 10GBASE-T

Infographic: See how to boost data center network bandwidth on 10GBASE-T while simplifying connectivity with existing cables.

VMware vSphere ESX* 5.x iSCSI Boot with VLAN Support: Guide

Covers the software, configurations, and processes required for iSCSI boot with VLAN support for VMware vSphere ESX* 5.x with Intel® Server Adapters.

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Intel® Ethernet Server Bypass Adapter X520/X540 Family

Continuing network traffic at a single failure point, the Intel® Ethernet Server Bypass Adapter X520/X540 delivers 10GbE business continuity.

Bộ chuyển đổi Mạng Hội tụ Intel® Ethernet

Bộ chuyển đổi Mạng Hội tụ Intel® Ethernet có sẵn trong cả kiểu cáp đồng và cáp quang cũng như trong cấu hình cổng đơn và kép.

Open Networks Provide Needed Flexibility in IT Market: Part One

White Paper: Part one of this series discusses how open networks consolidate functions onto high-volume servers and switches reducing time to market.

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Intel® Virtualization Technology for Connectivity: I/O Virtualization

Enabling I/O virtualization with VMDq and SR-IOV, network controllers reduce I/O server overhead for data center performance and efficiency.

Intel® Ethernet Controller I211: Datasheet

Datasheet provides Intel® Ethernet Controller I211 feature architecture, including device operation, pin descriptions, register definitions, and more.

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Intel® Ethernet Switch FM5000/FM6000 Datasheet

Functional descriptions, frame processing pipeline, hardware design, pin interface, electrical specs, package mechanical, and thermal information.

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Intel® Ethernet Controller I350: Datasheet

External architecture reference for software device developers, board designers, and engineers needing specific technical or programming information.

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