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Healthcare Breaches and Solutions

Protect against healthcare breaches and other cyber attacks with innovative security solutions that secure data across clients, networks, and servers.

Automotive Security Best Practices

Intel is part of a large and vibrant ecosystem delivering components to the automotive industry.

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Workforce Management in the Utility Sector Solution Guide

Describes how Ventyx* Workforce Management software with Panasonic mobile devices and Intel® vPro™ technology drive utility sector transformation.

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Brazil and Intel Use RFID Technology to Build Smarter, Safer Roads

See how the Government of Brazil and Intel are working together using RFID technology to make Brazil's vast highway system safer and more efficient.

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Keenan and the IoT Create a New Kind of Data Farm

See how Keenan and Intel are using IoT to automate data sharing, enhance nutritional analysis, and develop business models to help farmers worldwide.

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Making Buildings Smarter Solution Brief

See how the Intel® IoT platform helps make buildings smarter, with benefits like improved ROI, operational efficiency, occupant comfort and security.

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The Future of Retail: Shopping and the Smart Shelf

Futurecasting Report: Technologies such as the smart shelf will shape the future of retail by delivering compelling personalized shopping experiences.

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The Smart Building Advantage Infographic

See how the smart building advantage helps solve issues like code compliance, rising energy and maintenance costs, occupant comfort, and more.

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Healthcare-Friendly Security: Usability with Protection

White Paper: Healthcare-friendly security solutions from Intel Security and McAfee allow healthcare organizations to unify usability and security.

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Perceptive Planning Concept Demo: Part 1 of 2

Part 1 of 2. Concept demo features a home and vehicle that sense, respond, and enhance security, moving seamlessly from home to vehicle. (Jan. 2016)