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Project Engineer Group Leader
Chengdu, China

"I've seen the great growth of the Intel Chengdu site, where so many young people achieve their dreams with all of the resources Intel provides."

Listen to my podcast to hear about exciting opportunities for product engineers and the work being conducted at Intel's Chengdu site.


What's a cool opportunity or project I've had while working at Intel?

Right now I'm leading the 32nm product engineering team to enable test capability in Chengdu. I'm very proud that Chengdu is currently the only factory providing 32nm mobile CPUs all over the world.

Do I participate in any Intel volunteer events?

Yes, we have so many volunteer activities with the local community. When all Intel employees wear the same Intel blue t-shirt and go out into the community, we always got a big hand from people.

Why do I think Intel is a great place to work?

I work with the best people and I always have a lot of fun. Also, we have so many interesting programs from our social club. You can join the swimming club, soccer club, photo club, Taiji* club, dancing club the list is too long.

* Taiji is best known in the West from the name Taijiquan (or T'ai chi ch'uan)

What do I do when I'm NOT at work?

Soccer is my biggest hobby. I enjoy the moments when I score as a forward!

If I could live and work abroad for a year, where would I go?

I would say Europe, I would like to see what's the culture difference between Europe and the States.

What's the most adventurous thing I've ever done?

When I traveled in Costa Rica, I got a chance to watch bull fighting, and I finally jumped into the field for a try!