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Process Engineer, Technology and Manufacturing Group
Chandler, Arizona

"At Intel, everyone's ideas are valued. Whether you've been at Intel for one day, or for donkey years, your opinion and ideas matter."


What cool project have I had the opportunity to work on at Intel?

I was part of the team that started up Intel's latest and greatest microprocessor technology factory. The coolest thing about this was that this was meant to be Intel's most difficult technology, but we were able to beat all time, quality and cost goals.

How do I give back to my community?

I volunteer weekly at Galveston elementary school (through Intel), by mentoring 5th grade students in math and science. It's always a blast —they ask weird, unexpected and very honest questions. Through volunteering, I've been able to meet lots of other Intel employees.

What's the biggest misconception that I think people have about working at Intel?

Intel is just for the 'nerdy', and has a very formal work environment. I learned that the opposite was the case within a day of working at Intel.

What do I do when I'm NOT at work?

Travel. With a girlfriend (soon to be fiancée) across the country, I spend a lot of time in the air flying.

If I could live and work abroad for a year, where would I go?

Nigeria. Being originally from there, it would be nice to constantly be with family members, and still be able to work.

What's the coolest gadget that I've bought lately?

I love my Apple iPod touch*. It's such a great companion on those long flights from the west coast to east coast.