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Tips on Getting and Preparing for an Interview at Intel

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Tips on Getting and Preparing for an Interview at Intel

Interviewing at Intel
Tips on getting and preparing for an interview

You've done your research on the company and decided that Intel provides the right environment and opportunities for your career path. Here’s some information on how to get and prepare for an interview with us.

Making an impression
Make the most of your one-on-one time with our recruiters at career fairs and other events:
• Your resume should contain your degree, major, and overall GPA.
• One-on-one time at our events is usually brief; consider prioritizing your questions and comments.
• Even if you don't get all the time you would have liked with a recruiter, consider the whole event a chance to get a glimpse of our company culture.
• Business casual dress works well at career fairs and info sessions.
• Ask us how our rotation programs let you try a variety of roles before deciding on a position that's best for you.

Preparing for an interview
Set the groundwork for success. Come prepared with a list of questions about the position and Intel. This is your chance to really show your interest. Here are a few examples:
• What exactly would I do in this type of position?
• What role does this type of position play in Intel's technology mission?
• What is an average day like in this type of position?
• What are the growth opportunities in this type of position?
• What's management structure like in this group?
• What advanced training and development opportunities are available in this role?

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