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Benefits of Thunderbolt™ Technology
Thunderbolt technology is a transformational high-speed, dual-protocol I/O that provides unmatched performance with 10 Gbps bi-directional transfer speeds. It provides flexibility and simplicity by supporting both data (PCIe*) and video (DisplayPort*) on a single cable connection that can daisy-chain up to six devices. Thunderbolt technology enables flexible and innovative system designs and is ideal for thin profile systems and devices such as Ultrabooks™.

Thunderbolt Usages
Thunderbolt enables new and flexible system designs and thinner form factors by providing the ability to expand the system capabilities on a single cable. The user can have extreme mobility on the road with a laptop or Ultrabook, and then connect to a multifunction monitor or dock at home to get no-compromise access to every device on the desk, turning the laptop into a desktop computer.

Thunderbolt technology is ideal for media creation and connectivity applications. By combining high bandwidth, low latency, and highly accurate time synchronization, users can now connect audio/video devices to the PC via Thunderbolt for creation of broadcast quality media.

As the fastest available connection to your computer at 10 Gbps, with Thunderbolt, users can transfer an entire HD movie in less than 30 seconds, making it ideal for fast synchronization of content between devices. When users require high-performance backup and restore functionality, Thunderbolt is the obvious choice, enabling the transfer of 1 TB of data in less than five minutes.

Thunderbolt technology brings a new balance of performance, simplicity, and flexibility to end users. As a revolutionary PC I/O technology, combining data and video (PCI Express and DisplayPort) on one shared high-performance cable, Thunderbolt technology opens doors to making new things possible.

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