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Intel® vPro™ Technology Capable Display Panels: Paper

Intel® vPro™ Technology Capable Display Panels: Paper

Executive Summary

An Intel® vPro™ technology capable Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) module offers a collection of Intel technologies which comprise remote manageability, security, and virtualization technology with the aim of enhancing robustness, usability, and user experience of the system. Evolution of communication technology and innovation in computing technology has paved the path for intelligent and connected solutions to rise rapidly; enabling Intel vPro technology today prepares the solution for tomorrow. Intel vPro technology-based OPS modules and OPS compatible display panels offer the way to the future.

One key usage of Intel vPro technology is out-of-band remote manageability. This feature enables a remote user to perform a power operation (i.e. Power On/Off) on OPS-based digital signage regardless of its power state from a remote location among other things. There is an implication on the power delivery design on both the OPS module and the display panel.

This whitepaper discusses the power delivery design of Intel vPro technology capable OPS display panel. Circuit implementation and usage scenarios to support Intel vPro technology use cases are described in this paper.

Read the full Intel® vPro™ Technology Capable Display Panels White Paper.

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