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HDIC’s Smart Information Systems Enhance Telecom,Intel(r) Technology helps HDIC* build new generation interactive smart information system for Telecom Business Halls

HDIC’s Smart Information Systems Enhance Telecom

Since its debut in 2003, HDIC has been committed to providing China’s broadcast and TV industry with premium digital TV chips and system solutions. In 2011, HDIC successfully developed the interactive, smart information system solution and was the first to gain successful application in the People’s Daily Electronic Reading program aimed at China’s whole audience. It has built a number of control platforms across China and installed over 3,000 terminals, which have been in stable operation for over two years. To meet changing market demands, HDIC has extended the system to a variety of industries including telecommunications and retail. It has successfully provided operator business halls with end-to-end total solutions and works actively with the carriers in application development for smart cities.

Read the full HDIC’s Smart Information Systems Enhance Telecom Solution Brief.

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