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High Performance Computing

Accelerate exploration and bring products to market more quickly

Accelerate your exploration and discovery with Intel® Xeon® processor series–based clusters. The Intel Xeon processor series delivers powerful and intelligent performance that enables you to move from concept to production faster than ever before.

High-performance computing solutions based on Intel Xeon processors deliver:

  • Memory that works for you: Scalable solutions stretch memory bandwidth to help access performance and deliver resources on demand
  • Performance when you need it: Dynamic scalability accelerates breakthroughs by transforming complex data into new discoveries
  • Efficient power consumption: Intel Xeon processors intelligently deliver the performance you need while maintaining maximum energy efficiency

Upgrade to Intel® processor–based HPC solutions for dynamic scalability, greater performance, and faster time to discovery.


Understand the Benefits of Intelligent, Scalable Processors

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Evaluate Intel® Xeon® Processor Performance

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Implement a Proven Solution

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