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Quality Health Care in the Workplace and Retail: Case Study

The SoloHealth Station* enables individuals to conveniently monitor their blood pressure, vision, weight, and body mass index using its self-service health-screening kiosk based on the latest Intel® technologies. The easy-to-use screening station is beneficial to businesses that are looking for ways to reduce healthcare costs by motivating employees to become more aware about their personal health.... Research discussed in the case study describes the growing number of people who suffer from preventable and treatable conditions, such as hypertension, obesity, and vision problems. Healthcare advocates say many of these problems are easy to manage if detected early. In other words, be proactive about health care and not reactive.

People who have access to the SoloHealth Station* through their employer or retailer can monitor themselves for health issues by conducting simple tests. They also can watch educational videos or connect with doctors and other healthcare partners through the interactive platform.

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