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Mobile devices not only change how, when, and where work gets done in the enterprise, they transform how today’s users expect to work. As more and more employees use personally owned devices for work, unmanaged BYOD is increasing IT security risks. But with the right device upgrade strategy, you can deliver the mobility and performance employees want with the security and manageability your business requires.

learn the fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals

Mobile devices are revolutionizing the way people work by increasing employee flexibility. And while this new level of mobility helps boost productivity and keep employees happy, it also presents a unique set of IT challenges.

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Plan your strategy

Plan your strategy

With the right planning resources, IT organizations can maximize mobile device benefits and minimize risk by integrating compatible technology that delivers powerful built-in security and manageability.

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Decide on technology

Decide on technology

There are a wide variety of Intel architecture–based devices suitable for the enterprise. Integrate devices that are compatible with your existing hardware and software to help increase security, simplify IT management, and meet the mobility needs of your employees.

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