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Smart Grid Data Management Improves Utility System Operation

Smart Grid Data Management Improves Utility System Operation

Reduce the cost and complexity of Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU) technology while increasing scalability and lowering risk.

Executive Summary
Today’s energy transmission and distribution (T&D) systems are more complex than ever before. In response, electric utility companies are on the lookout for innovative smart grid te...chnologies that make it easier to monitor and manage the health of their T&D systems, and improve customer service by minimizing and potentially avoiding outages. One emerging and important device is the phasor measurement unit (PMU) used to assess transmission line conditions and enable utilities to load lines closer to their limits. However, many PMUs and associated data management solutions are still evolving and can be rather expensive, non-standard or non-real time. Addressing these issues, Dell, Intel, National Instruments and OSIsoft worked together to develop an end-to-end synchrophasor data management solution that combines high-performance computing, networking and storage to provide real-time, actionable data. In addition to helping utilities improve efficiency, this cost-effective, scalable solution is based on an open, nonproprietary architecture designed to increase compatibility and speed up integration with legacy systems.

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