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Macraigor usb2Demon*: Datasheet

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Macraigor usb2Demon*: Datasheet

The usb2Demon is a BDM/JTAG interface used in the design, debug, and programming of microprocessor- and microcontroller-based embedded systems. One side of the usb2Demon interfaces to a USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 port of a host PC and the other side connects to an On-Chip Debug (OCD) port on the target system. As with all Macraigor interface devices, the usb2Demon can simultaneously debug up to 255 devices on a single scan chain. In addition, up to 16 usb2Demons can be connected to a single host machine.

The usb2Demon is designed to be a major upgrade from the Wiggler series of OCD connections and, for many targets, is also significantly faster than a Raven. It supports configurable JTAG/BDM clock rates up tp 20 MHz.

The usb2Demon is currently supported on Windows* XP thru Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Red Hat Enterprise Linux* 32/64 4 - 6, Fedora* 32/64 6 - 14, Ubuntu* 32/64 9.4 - 10.10, and Meego* 1.1.

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