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Intel(R) Desktop Board D2700DC

Intel® Desktop Board D2700DC: Product Brief

The Intel® Desktop Board D2700DC is the latest Innovation Series board that optimizes the performance of the Intel® Atom™ processor D2700 and the Intel® NM10 Express Chipset by delivering new generation technologies, value-added features, and easy integration. The Intel Desktop Board D2700DC is perfect for an entry-level home theater PC. The Intel Desktop Board D2700DC features the new integrated dual-core 2.13 GHz Intel Atom processor D2700.

This processor supports Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 3650, an improved graphics core that supports high-definition video playback capabilities compared with the previous generation entry-level desktop PC. This board provides flexibility and upgradability with two single-channel SODIMM connectors for DDR3 1066 / 800 MHz memory support (4 GB1 max). The use of SODIMM memory modules delivers greater performance and power efficiency.

The revolutionary two-chip layout continues to enable lower power consumption and saves 70 percent of its board layout size. This results in a board that has better heat flow with the passive thermal solution. The Intel Desktop Board D2700DC provides enhanced features such as 10/100/1000 Mb/s integrated LAN, integrated six-channel Intel® High Definition Audio, and dual display capability with HDMI* and digital DVI ports. Supporting a USB Solid-State Drive keep out zone design, the Intel Desktop Board D2700DC is ideal for a diskless usage model by integrating the USB Solid-State Drive inside the chassis.

Read the full Intel® Desktop Board D2700DC Product Brief.

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