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2010 Corporate Responsibility Report Overview

2010 Intel Corporate Responsibility Report

At Intel, we continually push the boundaries of innovation in technology, business, manufacturing, and corporate responsibility. Over the years, our reporting has encouraged two-way dialogue with our stakeholders, who provide us with valuable feedback that helps us to improve our performance. Learn about our approach to corporate responsibility, our performance, and recent highlights. We welcome your questions, comments and ideas through our CSR@Intel blog, Twitter*, and our online feedback form.

Read the Report

Whether you are looking for detailed environment metrics or for information on our workplace practices, you can access the information you need quickly in our complete 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report prepared using the Global Reporting Initiative* (GRI) G3.1 guidelines (self-declared to the "A" level). The report's interactive PDF format is designed to enable you to easily search for and navigate to the information that you need.

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Message from Our CEO

At Intel, we don't separate corporate responsibility from our business; it's an integral part of our management approach and our overall global strategy. Read what our CEO says about our commitment to corporate responsibility and learn how our approach helps create value for Intel and our stakeholders.

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Learn about our strategy and management approach to corporate responsibility >

Build Your Own Report

Need to view or download only one section of the report? Create a cusomized report that includes only the information that you need and access additional supporting documents and information.

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Access Previous Reports

Access previous Intel corporate responsibility reports in both English and local languages.  Each year, we localize the language and content of the Executive Summary report for a number of our sites around the world.

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View Our Goals

Intel has set public goals and tracked performance indicators in key corporate responsibility foruc areas for well over a decade, enabling us to drive continuous improvement over time.

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GRI Index and UN Global Compact Communication of Progress

Our report was prepared using the Global Reporting Index G3.1 Guidelines, and is self-declared to the A level.

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Read our U.N. Global Compact Communication of Progress >

Contact Us

Each year, we make specific improvements to our report based on reader suggestions.  Share your feedback >

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