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M2M Communications and GoS* Technology

M2M Communications - Intel® Atom™ Processor GoS* Networks GoS Gateway

The next phase of mobile growth is expected to occur in the field of machine to machine communications, or M2M. The GSMA is forecasting a connected universe of up to 50 billion devices developing in the next 15 years. Each device delivers critical information via a wireless connection to control and processing applications resident in the cloud. This presents a significant opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders, including device and chip manufacturers, application providers, communications providers, and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

M2M devices will be deployed in a variety of applications and markets, for example:
• Building Management
• Energy
• Consumer and Home
• Healthcare and Life Sciences
• Industrial
• Transport, both Public and Private vehicles
• Retail
• Security and Public Safety
• IT and Networks.

The common factor for all potential applications is that the traffic from each will consist primarily of data, not voice, communications. There will be different service and processing requirements for this data, depending on the application served:
• Rich content – high bandwidth requirement, high computational demand
• Analytic information – medium bandwidth requirement, moderate computational demand
• Monitor and sensor information: low bandwidth requirement, low computational demand
• Real-time information – various bandwidth requirements, but data must transit the network in a timely fashion
• Non-real-time information – various bandwidth requirements, data is not time critical.

Read the full M2M Communications Solution Brief.

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