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Intel and Ericsson Team Up to Streamline M2M Platform Design

Intel and Ericsson Team Up to Streamline M2M Platform Design

The structure of the M2M (machine-to-machine) market today is such that solutions are nearly always customized for a specific vertical market or application. While there is a need for a modest amount of vertical customization, the market can move toward a much more standardized model in the areas of connectivity enablement, hardware platforms, and middleware software. Echoing this direction, Nathan Johnston, principal technology architect at XATA said, “We made a conscious decision to stop developing our own platforms, and I think that this type of strategic decision is a growing trend among developers.” Mr. Johnston was describing his company’s approach to fleet operations management system development at a recent M2M Roundtable in Las Vegas sponsored by Ericsson*.

Providing an alternative to proprietary platforms, the Intel® M2M Reference Design supports standards-based technologies, including the F5521GW mobile broadband module from Ericsson. The reference design spares system developers from designing a board from scratch and mastering the complexities of wireless technology, making it easier and less costly to create M2M applications. With a footprint the size of a credit card, the design supports a variety of wireless connectivity and delivers the computing performance required for M2M applications.

Read the full Intel and Ericsson Solution Brief.

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