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Network Transformation Based on SDN and NFV

Deliver increased flexibility and scalability for wireless networks

The communications industry is facing a tenfold increase in wireless traffic between 2011 and 2016. More than ever, service providers must efficiently scale their networks to deliver high-quality user experiences and new revenue-boosting services—all while tightly managing capital and operating expenses. Intel offers flexible and scalable solutions designed to meet these challenges.

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Open, simplified networking based on SDN and NFV

Software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) are enabling network functions to be consolidated onto standard, high-volume servers, switches, and storage, thereby reducing equipment and operational costs and time to market for new services. 

SDN and NFV enable a flexible networking architecture that allows network operators to react more quickly and economically to an ever-evolving market landscape.

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How to implement SDN and NFV with Intel® architecture

Network operators, TEMs, and ISVs can accelerate the development of a software-focused network using open source APIs and reference designs from Intel.

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Enhancing the SDN orchestration layer

This paper explains how providing the orchestration layer more information about node platform capabilities can lead to increased virtual machine (VM) performance.

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Evolved Packet Core (EPC) running on Carrier Cloud Telecoms

This paper explores the challenges of deploying virtualization and SDN in telecoms networks. It describes the Carrier Cloud Telecoms initiative, a joint program between Intel and Tieto, which explores the key R&D challenges and possible approaches central to cloud realization in the telecoms domain.

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Solution brief

Learn how the flexibility and scalability of Intel® architecture improves subscriber experiences, reduces network complexity, and decreases capital and operating expenditures.

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