Cloud Infrastructure Research Video

This video highlights five key findings from a survey of 200 IT professionals about cloud infrastructure that can help you prepare your data center for the cloud. The focus is on networking and storage technologies. As organizations continue their journey to the cloud, IT managers face new challenges in their highly virtualized data centers. Increases in virtual machine (VM) density per server and bottlenecks with existing storage and networking architectures have led to greater capacity demands and increased network complexity. Despite a foundation of virtualized servers, this structure doesn’t scale easily—reducing the flexibility and efficiency benefits associated with cloud environments.

Key findings include:
• IT managers overwhelmingly agree on the importance of investing in your highly virtualized data center.
• Cost and performance are the biggest challenges for current networks.
• Adoption of 10 gigabit Ethernet can simplify infrastructure and reduce costs; enabling storage virtualization and network consolidation are the most common drivers for adoption.
• The top storage challenge is the explosive growth of data; more than 40 percent of IT managers plan to move large analytics and large NoSQL database workloads to the cloud.
• IT managers are looking to deploy intelligent technologies that scale out storage, reduce costs, and increase storage efficiency to address storage challenges.

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